Eric Cartman's Sweet Clan


Come join our sweet clan all are welcome! In this clan there aren't many rules, We are a laid back clan that likes to have fun. With contests giveaways and free dungeon runs often you will have a blast! We can provide all the help you could ever need.
This is a website for the Kingdom of Loathing clan Eric Cartman's sweet clan. If you never heard of the Kingdom of Loathing why not give it a shot?
Come hither to the Kingdom of Loathing!
Need a buff why not use  Buffy

In this clan you have a say! If you have a suggestion, or have an idea for the clan you can message JB77 or post in the clan forum.
If you need help we are here to help you! Just message anyone that's active post in the forum or ask in clan chat. 

If you ever want to run a clan contest have an idea for one or want to do a game in chat message JB77, or post in the forums. The clan can help you run it and can help get prizes what ever you need.

For the chat channel once in chat type /c clan. Not many people in there now, but soon hopefully. Clan chat is only for our clan. If you want chat commands click on documentation once logged in to KoL then click on chat pane. Also check out the forums we have entertainment forums and a general clan forum. Get to know the clan! Talk about whatever you want!

Cartman's Gym

There is a second clan run by JB77's multy with all the gym stuff in the rumpus room to level up. If you join this one or the gym you get access to both just message JB77 and tell him you would like gym access. 

To get a title or 1 changed message JB77 or anyone above rank Chef. You can also post in the forums. Titles can be changed at any time!

Inactive members that don't have a rank may be booted, if it looks like they stop playing KoL. This is a change but any inactive member booted is sent a message welcoming them back if they play again. If you are going to stop playing KoL please leave the clan. You are welcome back if you decide to play again.

You can contact me outside the Kingdom at the Clan email address 
[email protected]

Site last updated 
     December 16 2015